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A high-performance, non-chemical and natural product to safely degrade sludge build-up and improve water clarity in closed and slow-flow water systems such as ponds and lagoons.

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Vice President - Animal Health & Nutrition Sales

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About RemediPro

RemediPro™ is a higRemediPro no backgroundh-performance, non-chemical and natural product used to safely degrade sludge build-up and improve water clarity in closed and slow-flow water systems such as ponds and lagoons.

Utilizing a proprietary, 5-strain bacteria blend, RemediPro works to naturally reduce organic levels of scum, sludge, fats, oils and grease that can threaten good water quality and aquatic life in water retention and collection areas, lakes, ponds, water gardens, fish farms and hatcheries.

A decrease in water clarity can reduce water quality and oxygen levels, making sunlight unable to penetrate the scum on the surface. This condition poses a threat to aquatic life in the water by increasing temperatures, disrupting photosynthesis and lowering dissolved oxygen which is essential for life.

100%-Natural-WhiteThe microbes introduced through RemediPro safely ingest carbon, phosphorous, potassium and nitrogen at an accelerated rate, which limits the organic loading available and improves water quality.

RemediPro creates no risk to the environment, animals, humans or aquatic life with its only by-products of carbon dioxide and water. RemediPro is a dry bacterial blend available in conveniently packaged, cost-effective  8 oz water-soluble pouches that are simply tossed into the water for ease of dosing.

RemediPro has selected bacterial consortium and has been scientifically proven to enhance the reduction of TSS (Total Suspended Solids), BOD (Biochemical Oxygen Demand) and COD (Chemical Oxygen Demand).

1.5 Acre Pond Study

Remedi Pro Before Treatment
Test pond “Before” RemediPro treatment

Brookside Agra conducted a study on the effects of RemediPro on organic build-up in a 1.5 million gallon (approx. 1.5 acres) pond. The pond contained stagnant water with no movement or aeration and high organic load on top of the surface. Attempts to clear the water for two months prior to the study using a competitor’s biological product was unsuccessful.

RemediPro after treatment
Test pond “After” RemediPro treatment

Brookside Agra treated the pond with RemediPro for eight weeks between June and August. The initial shocking dosage consisted of five pounds per day of RemediPro using the water soluble packets, delivered one in the middle of the pond and one in each of the pond’s four corners. Between 3-6 weeks into the treatment, the dosage was dropped to five pounds of RemediPro applied to the pond in the same manner every other day. For weeks seven and eight of the study, five pounds of RemediPro was applied twice each week in the same specified manner.

At the end of the eight-week study, RemediPro was proven to reduce the water’s initial COD reading of 850 ppm to 300 ppm and the water was clear of any surface organic matter.

Municipal Equalization Tank Field Trial

In a second study, Brookside Agra tested RemediPro’s effects on a two-million-gallon-per-day, municipal equalization tank at a septage receiving facility. The tank, which was drained every night, was thick with fats, oils and greases (F.O.G.) and was creating a nuisance odor. The only cost effective, safe and feasible option for clearing the tank and decreasing the odor was using RemediPro.

RemediPro was dosed into the 120-foot-long tank at a shock dose rate of 23, .5 pound water soluble pouches per day for 4-5 weeks. Operators simply tossed the pouches into the tank from the walk way along the length of the tank to provide equal distribution of the product. In just eight weeks, the tank was completely cleared of F.O.G. Now only a maintenance dose of 5-10 pouches per day is required to keep the tank clear.

Using RemediPro provided a F.O.G. tank clearing option at a fraction of the cost and eliminated the need for expensive trucks and equipment to move the problem from one jobsite to another, such as a landfill. Additionally, bio-remediation created no environmental risks.

Application Areas

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Directions for Use

Pond Treatment

  • Add 2 to 4 lbs every 1 to 2 weeks depending on condition of pond per 1 acre surface volume

Water Gardens

  • Add 2 to 4 oz per 1000 gallons volume in the water garden
  • Add dosage every 1 to 2 weeks depending on condition of pond

Water-soluble packets are the best dosing mechanism

Animal Manure Pits

  • Small to medium size pits add 3 – 5 lbs weekly
  • Large size pits add 5 – 10 lbs weekly
  • High volume manure pits add 10 – 15 lbs weekly
  • Add 1 lb of RemediPro to 50 gallons of water and pour the entire volume down the drain lines to wash the waste into the pit.  This will help clean and deodorize the lines and seed the manure pits.

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