Research Experts

Before any product is added to our line, extensive research is conducted to ensure consistent, positive performance. We utilize research facilities of leading universities and private, independent laboratories to test all our products and help keep product costs competitive. We also partner with some of the industry’s most respected and accomplished research experts and consultants in their fields to ensure a quality product.

Dennis Taylor, Ph.D

Respected by his peers as one of the leading experts in mycotoxins and dioxins, Dr. Taylor has spent his career developing substances for catalytic, carrier and absorptive applications. Most notably for Brookside Agra, Dr. Taylor helped create commercial mycotoxin binders like our flagship brand FloBond.

Bud Harmon, Ph.D

Professor Emeritus – Purdue University

With an extensive background in animal science and agriculture, internationally renowned swine specialist Dr. Harmon serves as Brookside Agra’s director of research and technology. As an accomplished swine research specialist, he has published numerous papers around the world pertaining to swine nutrition and management.