Introducing New RemediPro!

A high-performance, non-chemical and natural product to safely degrade sludge and improve water clarity in closed and slow-flow water systems such as ponds and lagoons.


We have one of the most accurate soil/tissue sampling programs on the market. Over five years, our programs can save growers up to 35% on their agronomy program.

Risk Management

Uncertain weather conditions, accidents and crop failures can threaten your livelihood. You can minimize these risks with our Risk Management services.

Services Provided by Cardinal Agriculture Services, a Division of Brookside Agra

Animal Health

Providing all-natural products proven to improve and protect animal health, while maintaining profitability is at the forefront of all our animal health products.

Environmental / Agricultural

Made from all-natural ingredients, our environmental/agricultural products are proven to eliminate toxic emissions and sludge, while promoting a safer, greener environment.

Industrial, Commercial + Home

Our all-natural products for industrial, commercial and home use are tough on offensive odors and grime, yet safe for the environment, animals and humans.

Specialty Feed Additives

Our all-natural specialty feed additives contain the finest, active ingredients specially formulated with limited carriers to maximize the health, digestion and production of a variety of animals.

Small Business Approach; Big Business Expertise

In 1985, Donald and Margaret Riesenberg founded Brookside Agra in their home in Highland, IL. With five generations of farming and feed manufacturing expertise, Brookside Agra is still family operated and boasts an impressive lineup of industry experts who continue to research and develop new products. Through the years, Brookside Agra's priority has remained the same -- to develop all-natural products that successfully meet customer needs and requests, using in-vivo and in-vitro testing methods as its foundation for product development. Brookside Agra products are used in more than 96 countries around the world.

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