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Bio-Solution H2OExcel Helps Growers Conserve Water/Reduce Inputs Amid Fertilizer Shortages, Rising Costs

Globally farmers are facing a massive fertilizer shortage due to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and rising input costs resulting from supply chain constraints. To remain competitive, more growers are turning to bio-solutions like H2OExcel to conserve water and reduce inputs during these challenging times.

“Applying natural H2OExcel helps soils absorb water more quickly and efficiently, therefore decreasing water usage by up to 50% and reducing costs for families and business owners. This unique chemistry is put together to support a dynamic shift in the way modern farming practices have been conducted and brings to the grower the benefit of reduced inputs and water usage, healthier soils, reduced disease pressure and increased yields,” said Chad Vaninger, Executive Vice-President and General Manager at Illinois-based Brookside Agra.

Made from a blend of natural plant extracts and soil penetrants, H2O Excel has been research-proven to improve soil conditions, reduce surface tension and decrease water usage when planting and growing agriculture crops, rangelands, turf and other vegetation. See research results –

The characteristics of water and the presence of hardened and unreceptive soils can make it difficult for water to reach existing plant life. Water will always take the path of least resistance and simply run off. This common occurrence leads to the over-watering of plants, crops and yards because water cannot reach the root system. H2OExcel provides the perfect balance of biologicals, humates, fulvics, surfactants, natural sugars, and vitamins and minerals in one product.

“The power of H2OExcel is to create soils that absorb water quicker than they traditionally could,” said Vaninger. “Once H2OExcel infiltrates the ground, it works to reduce soil and water tension, allowing soils to absorb and retain water and nutrients 3-5 times faster. It also relieves capillary pressure in the soil to allow soil respiration to occur. This puts more water at the root zone and increases nutrient uptake to the plants, all while utilizing less water and inputs.”

All of H2OExcel’s ingredients are on the GRAS (Generally Recognized as Safe) list which is approved by both the FDA and AAFCO. H2OExcel will not harm plants, animals or humans.

Commercial and Residential Application Areas:

  • Golf fairways and tees
  • Landscapes
  • Crops
  • Lawns (seeding and sod)
  • Putting greens
  • Fruit and vegetable gardens
  • Trees
  • Flowers
  • All vegetation

Concentrated H2OExcel is available in 5-gallon containers featuring application-specific labeling for agriculture (H2OExcel-AG™) and turf grass (H2OExcel-Turf™) usage to make it easier for growers to know how much H2OExcel to use and when to use it for the best results. When mixed with water, H2OExcel can be applied as a spray or soil-drench. H2OExcel is also tank-mix compatible with fertilizers, herbicides and pesticides. H2OExcel is proudly made in the U.S.A.

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