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Brookside Agra Develops All-Natural AgFlu™ Multi-Purpose Solution to Combat Deadly Avian Influenza Virus

According to the Fall 2015 HPAI Preparedness and Response Plan released in September, 2015 by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), the highly pathogenic Avian Influenza has been detected in commercial and backyard poultry flocks, wild birds or captive wild birds in 21 states. With the last spring outbreak identified in June, 2015, a total of 211 commercial and 21 backyard poultry premises had been affected, according to the report. The report further states that the outbreak resulted in the depopulation of 7.5 million turkeys and 42.1 million egg-layer and pullet chickens, with devastating effects on these businesses, and a cost to Federal taxpayers of over $950 million.

Infected birds pass on the Avian Influenza virus through their saliva, nasal secretions and feces. Migratory birds may serve as carriers for the virus while never actually contracting the disease. The possibility of a pandemic spread among domestic birds and into the human population worldwide and in the United States is a major concern.

To date, there is no commercially available vaccine to protect humans from the virus, therefore, putting a priority on bio-security and sanitizing programs that can help prevent the virus’ spread.

O’Fallon, Illinois-based Brookside Agra has taken a major step toward helping farmers prevent the deadly virus and protect their flocks through the development of an all-natural, multi-purpose solution called AgFlu™.

AgFlu is shown to be 99% effective against the Avian Influenza A virus, better known as H5N1, and other mutated strains when sprayed on surfaces and equipment, used in fogging and when ingested through drinking water by birds, chickens, ducks, turkeys and swine, which can also contract the virus.

Safe to handle, AgFlu works on contact and is non-toxic to birds, humans and animals. AgFlu contains bioflavanoids and organic acids and leaves no environmental residues and is non-corrosive.

To test the effect of AgFlu on the H5N1 virus in the air, biotechnology researchers at Chongqing Institute of Technology in Chongqing, China conducted a series of research studies. Researchers sprayed the H5N1 virus inside a sealed testing box, then sprayed the inside with AgFlu. A 60-day-old chicken was then raised in the testing box after half an hour. AgFlu was sprayed in the box once in the morning, then at night for 15 successive days. The study concluded that after spraying 50ppm of AgFlu twice daily, the protection rate from the virus was 100% in 15 days.

“Prevention of a pandemic spread includes destruction of infected animals. The spread might also be slowed by increasing hygiene in aircraft, poultry houses and wherever waste is stored and poultry is transported and raised. AgFlu has become a major part of many farmers’ bio-security programs by preventing the spread of the H5NI virus and other mutated strains in an all-natural way,” said Chad Vaninger, Brookside Agra Executive Vice President and General Manager.

AgFlu is available in 1-liter bottles. Ideal application areas include sale barns, animal trailers, equipment, hatcheries, poultry operations and water dispensing systems.