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Brookside Agra Develops Product, Protocol for Safe, Odor-free Composting of Animal Carcasses

With increasing concerns over ground water contamination, aesthetics and expenses associated with traditional burying, burning and pick-up of animal carcasses, today’s animal farmers are turning to a more acceptable, cost-effective method of carcass disposal — composting.

Turning the carcasses of poultry, swine, horses, Advanced Bio Pro Video Screen Shotcattle and other animals into a rich humus that can be used/sold as a fertilizer or soil amendment has become a profitable solution for many animal farmers; the downside is the strong odors, insects and varmints that can accompany carcass composting.

Brookside Agra has formulated an all-natural solution with its Advanced Bio Pro Concentrate™ and composting protocol. Advanced Bio Pro Concentrate is an innovative, all-natural proprietary liquid blend of stable, highly active microorganisms, enzymes and bio-stimulants  that degrade  ammonia ions, amines, hydrogen sulfide and mercaptans. When mixed with water and applied to animal carcasses, Advanced Bio Pro Concentrate works to increase the activity rate of both naturally occurring and bio augmented microbes to:

  • Remove 95% of odor within three days
  • Absorb odors until bacteria can digest organics
  • Reduce composting time by 30-50%
  • Reduce ammonia emission by 50% within minutes
  • Control hazardous gases
  • Help meet discharge parameters
  • Eliminate fruit fly and mosquito larvae

Advanced Bio Pro Concentrate is also safe and effective for eliminating odors and controlling insects and varmint in swine buildings, poultry houses, manure piles, pet runs, food processing areas, garbage holding areas, processing plants, barns, trailers and more.  Advanced Bio Pro Concentrate is recognized on the GRAS (Generally Recognized As Safe) list which is approved by the FDA and AAFCO.

Brookside Agra has developed an effective, simple protocol for using Advanced Bio Pro Concentrate to compost animal carcasses. A video explaining the process can be viewed online at

Advanced Bio Pro Concentrate Animal Carcass Composting Protocol

Tools You Will Need

  • Sawdust
  • Wheat/rice/alfalfa straw or similar carbon source readily available
  • Advanced Bio Pro Concentrate
  • Pump sprayer with mist setting on nozzle

Composting Protocol

  • After the initial laying of approximately four inches of sawdust in the compost bin, apply approx. six inches of “loose” straw down to create the bed for the dead animals. This is critical to create both the carbon source and the oxygen needed to generate the heat (130 degrees Fahrenheit minimum) required for composting.
  • Add the dead animals to the straw layer. It is important to make sure the animals are laid flat so that they don’t overlap. They can be touching, but not laying on top of each other.
  • Mix the Advanced Bio Pro Concentrate according to the use rates suggested on the container.
  • Generously apply the Advanced Bio Pro dilution to water on the animals, walls and the straw. You cannot over saturate, but even coverage is all that is necessary to get the job done.
  • Add either previously finished compost from another bin to “jump start” the composting process or add an additional layer of fresh straw.
  • Rake out and smooth the compost or straw so that all of the animals are covered with approx. six inches of the material.
  • Sweep up and repeat this process for each layer of dead animals you collect for an odor-free, insect/varmint-free and environmentally friendly compost bin.

For more information about Advanced Bio Pro Concentrate, click here.