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Brookside Agra Introduces Brook-Lytes™ Buffered Electrolytes for Swine

Brookside Agra is expanding its animal health and nutrition product line to include new  Brook-Lytes™ — a non-medicated, pH-buffered electrolyte for pigs of all stages and environments.

brook-lytesWhen added to drinking water, Brook-Lytes draws pigs to drink with its highly palatable formula and unique aromatic flavor to keep them hydrated and fortified with essential nutrients. Especially useful during times of stress or loss, Brook-Lytes replaces fluids, electrolytes and elements lost to metabolism and stressful situations such as weaning, climate change and disease.

The pH buffering ability of Brook-Lytes maintains a healthy digestive system by lowering the pH of the gut to encourage efficient digestion and reduce negative bacteria in the pig’s system. Plus, it only costs cents a day to use.

“Simply adding Brook-Lytes to the water helps to replenish these vital fluids and nutrients in an easy-to-deliver solution that draws pigs to drink and stay hydrated,” said Tim Nelson, Vice President – Animal Health & Nutrition Sales at Brookside Agra. “It’s been proven very effective during times of stress, while supplying vital nutrients and fluids that pigs need to maintain their immunity during critical times.”

Proudly made in the U.S.A., Brook-Lytes can also be mixed with medicines in water to help mask the bitterness of the medicine taste. Brook-Lytes has no use restrictions or withdrawal symptoms associated with stoppage.

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