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Brookside Agra Now Selling All-Natural DrainXcel™ and Water Conservation Agent H2OExcel™ Online

Visitors to Brookside Agra’s new e-commerce website ( can now securely purchase a pair of its all-natural, research-proven products online: DrainXcel™ and H2OExcel™.

H2OExcel is a 100% biodegradable solution made up of natural ingredients assembled to function as a water conservation agent and nutrient efficiency booster. H2OExcel has the unique ability to reduce soil and water surface tension thereby allowing soils to absorb and retain water much faster than normal and affect the soil capillarity in a way that water can infiltrate faster and deeper than normal. When water is present in the root zone it is more readily absorbed and nutrients are made soluble for increased uptake to the plant. This serves to increase biological activity around the root zone making more nutrients available. Safe and easy to apply, H2OExcel provides your turf and landscape with the following benefits: elimination of weeds, increased heartiness of grass and a reduction of maintenance costs (reduced irrigation and fertilization). H2OExcel is used on turf, landscaping, crops, flowers, potted plants, fruits and vegetables and is available for order online in a 1-quart hose spray bottle and 5-gallon size.

Developed by Brookside Agra for home, commercial and industrial use, all-natural DrainXcel works to naturally eliminate build-up in grease traps and drainage pipes with a concentrated solution of all-natural bacteria and enzymes that multiply to quickly eliminate odor, digest organic material and increase performance. DrainXcel is research-proven to effectively and safely absorb and digest fats, oils, grease and food waste. Available in customizable monthly or yearly product formulations and delivery systems, DrainXcel is available for order online in a 1-gallon size.