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DrainXcel™ from Brookside Agra Uses All-Natural Ingredients to Eliminate Build-Up in Grease Traps, Drainage Pipes

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DrainXcel™ from Brookside Agra utilizes an all-natural, unique blend of bacteria and enzymes that multiply quickly to safely eliminate odor, digest organic material and increase performance of grease traps and drainage pipes. Safe for use around humans and animals, DrainXcel leaves behind no by-products or residues and will not damage pipes, drains or the environment.

Build up of fats, oils and grease in a drainage system can cause major problems, including blockage and odors which can jeopardize normal operations, as well as create health and safety hazards. Biodegradable DrainXcel works naturally to jumpstart performance and radically transform pipes and drains.

“Our goal was to develop an effective, research-proven product and delivery system that utilized all-natural ingredients that was safe and easy to use,” said Chad Vaninger, Brookside General Manager. “For those businesses or industries that are interested in environmentally friendly, green solutions and want to reduce operating expenditures, DrainXcel is the right product for them.”

Brookside Agra can customize a DrainXcel “Go With the Flow” program with tailored formulations and delivery systems for any application or budget. As part of the preventative maintenance program, Brookside will install a timed metering device that automatically delivers the appropriate amount of DrainXcel to the targeted area, plus automatically schedule product refills as part of a monthly or yearly program.

About Brookside Agra
Brookside Agra is a global fifth-generation, family-owned business based in O’Fallon, IL that manufactures and distributes specially formulated all-natural feed ingredients and all-natural environmental products for the world. Brookside Agra offers a complete line of high-quality, research-proven and cost-effective, all-natural products, which when used properly will help improve the performance of all groups of livestock, poultry, companion animals, aquaculture and plants. For more information about Brookside-Agra, visit or contact Chad Vaninger, General Manager, at 618-628-8300 Ext. 23 or