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Innovative Water Conservation Solution: 21st Century Television Features Brookside Agra’s Unique Technology

(O’Fallon, IL, July 29, 2014) – Like many industries, the agricultural industry seeks to use technology to improve efficiency and sustainability. This is especially important when it comes to water, which is forecast to be the number one scarce resource in the coming years both in the U.S. and around the world. Brookside Agra works to help a variety of industries that are dependent upon water to conserve the resource safely. Watch Brookside Agra’s segment on Bloomberg Television on August 17, 2014.

Bloomberg US – 6:30 p.m. EST
Bloomberg EMEA – 7 a.m. GMT
Bloomberg Asia Pacific – 3 p.m. HKT

JL Haber, 21st Century Television’s Vice President of Programming, expressed the importance and potential of the technology by saying, “We all know that water is necessary to sustain life. When we hear about potential shortages, it can be frightening for individuals and companies. The technology produced by Brookside Agra promises to help alleviate some of this problem, so we believe it is critical to get the word out about their potential.”

Brookside Agra’s H2OExcel™ is a natural, biodegradable water conservation agent that helps improve water conservation and reduce the need for water. This unique product is a proprietary formula using extracts from desert plants, which have the natural ability to absorb water faster than other plant life. When H2OExcel™ is applied with water, it reduces the surface tension thereby allowing hardening soils to retain water 3 to 5 times faster. Helping soils absorb water more quickly and efficiently, H2OExcel™ helps businesses reduce time, money and energy needed to maintain healthy turf, landscaping and vegetation. Once embedded in the soil, H2OExcel™ will not harm plants, animals or humans. H2OExcel™ is recommended for crops, putting greens, fairways, landscaping, lawns, gardens, planters, flower beds, and tree care. The product is available in 96 countries, helping those in agriculture become more sustainable.

The potential for Brookside Agra to help companies reduce the amount of water they need is enormous. Those interested in learning more about the product and its potential should watch this latest episode of 21st Century Television airing on Bloomberg Television on August 17, 2014.

About Brookside Agra

Brookside Agra is a global fifth-generation, family-owned business based in O’Fallon, IL that manufactures and distributes specially formulated all-natural feed ingredients and all-natural environmental products for the world.  Brookside Agra offers a complete line of high-quality, research-proven and cost-effective, all-natural products, which when used properly will help improve the performance of all groups of livestock, poultry, companion animals, aquaculture and plants.  For more information about Brookside Agra, visit or contact Chad Vaninger, General Manager, at 618-628-8300 Ext. 23 or