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Keep Animal Environments Dry, Healthy This Spring with ABSORB PLUS Multi-Purpose Drying Agent

Spring fever refers to more than just anxiously awaiting the start of baseball season. Farmers anxious to get their fields planted in spring often experience a “fever” of their own as they may spend more time on their fields and less on their animals.

Spring can bring wet, humid weather and drastically changing temperatures, which can all be hard on livestock and poultry health. Farmers who put off cleaning their barns or sloppy calf huts until the next rain or when they have more time are putting their animals at risk of contracting viruses and other diseases that can fester in unsanitary, wet conditions.

“The key to keeping animals healthy and productive is to always provide them with a dry, comfortable living environment,” said Tim Nelson, Brookside Agra Vice-President – Animal Health & Nutrition Sales. “Using a drying agent, like ABSORB PLUS™, can help prevent harmful mold and bacteria from forming in animal housing and production facilities.”

ABSORB PLUS is an all-natural, multi-purpose drying agent from Brookside Agra that provides sustained suppression and elimination of ammonia, moisture and odors in areas where animals frequent including:

  • Swine and poultry housing
  • Calf units
  • Dairy loafing houses
  • Livestock trucks and trailers
  • Whole grain storage bins
  • Livestock exhibition areas
  • Animal bedding
  • Dog kennels
  • Horse stables

ABSORB PLUS contains all-natural, antibiotic-free ingredients that won’t harm humans, animals or the environment. ABSORB PLUS also does not contain phosphorous, which eliminates any concerns regarding manure management and its application. All of ABSORB PLUS’s separate components are on the Generally Recognized As Safe (GRAS) and FDA lists.

ABSORB PLUS can be easily sprayed or blown on any surface, including the animals. Its application should be repeated weekly to refresh the thin coating, suppress moisture and eliminate odors.

For more information about ABSORB PLUS, visit or contact Tim Nelson, Vice President – Animal Health & Nutrition Sales at 402-560-7381 or