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South Texas Honeydew Farmer Increases Bottom Line Dollars Per Acre Using Natural Water Conservation Agent H2OExcel

The recent summer heat wave has propelled daytime temperatures across much of the country to an excess of 100 degrees. As a result of the high temperatures and drought conditions, growers are wasting precious time and money excessively watering their crops, with little result.

South Texas honeydew producer Troy Helle of Green Gold Farms, Inc. uses natural water conservation agent and soil amendment H2OExcel™ from Brookside Agra to protect and boost his crop yield when temperatures are high and rainfall is low.

Helle said keeping his honeydews at the correct moisture is one of the biggest obstacles during a hot growing season. To overcome the shortage of moisture, Helle uses H2OExcel, applied through a drip irrigation system, to keep the moisture up and produce an overall healthier plant. Brookside Agra and its agronomy team worked with Helle on a soil management plan, which incorporated H2OExcel.

“Prior to applying H2OExcel, I was constantly watering to fight the dry conditions and a wilting plant. After applying H2OExcel, it became apparent that the plants were a lot healthier and the soil’s moisture retention had improved. Without a doubt, H2OExcel has benefitted us greatly. Our honeydew has out-yielded and out-performed previous years, all while staying super sweet,” said Helle.

H2OExcel is a 100% biodegradable, proprietary blend of desert plant extracts; high-quality, humic acid-containing biologicals; and other all-natural, non-plant derived nutrient enhancers. Highly efficient, H2OExcel can change the polarity of water and soil to increase biological activity, interact with soil capillarity pressure and defend against dehydration of both the soil and plants by keeping water available deeper within the soil profile. H2OExcel also helps to increase available nutrients and balance the amount of water within the root zone of growing plants by supercharging biological activity.

“Green Gold Farms understands the importance of soil health and being progressive. Over the last couple of years, they have understood that nothing happens overnight and have adopted a systemic approach for managing water, building biology and managing inputs which leads to a balanced, healthier soil. H2OExcel was designed to bring all of these elements together. We are very excited for them and look forward to continued growth,” said Tony Arro, Brookside Agra Director of Sales – Specialty Products.

For more information about H2OExcel, visit For a personal, customized consultation on how H2OExcel can assist in increasing your bottom line dollars per acre contact Tony Arro, Brookside Agra Director of Sales – Specialty Products, at 618-628-8300 ext. 24 or